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Saturday December 12, 2PM EST


Dare to Duet is a duet singing competition that is hosted live on

In this final edition of our show, the Dare to Duet Gone-tlet, 16 contestants are chosen to be featured on the show, placed under 2 team captains – TC and Felicity. Each of the teams will work throughout the week to create duets within the Twitch Sings game.


  • Must have a Twitch account and the Twitch Sings game
  • Must have a clear microphone
  • Must have a webcam
  • Must have joined our Discord and be willing to join the voice chat to talk on stream and with captains
  • Make sure you have adjusted your vocals on Twitch Sings to account for delay. Contact any of the mods if you need help with this
  • Must be available throughout the entire duration of the scheduled event (3 hours approx)
  • There is no show grace period for former contestants (i.e. last week’s contestants can apply).

Contestant Selection Process

Deadline to submit an application is at 1PM EST on Sunday, December 6. 

You will be notified by 9PM EST on Sunday, December 6 if you have made it through to the live show.

Format [NEW]

Before the show

There will be 8 contestants on each team.

TC and Felicity will decide on the duet pairs for their respective teams. Each duet pair will decide on a song choice. Throughout the week, they will practice and record their duet in Twitch Sings.

Contestants are highly encouraged to think outside the box when creating duets. Keep in mind that these duets are performances that are showcased to a large audience. Consider the following when planning your duets: creativity, duet synergy, vocal ability, theme and performance. Contestants are permitted to speak, choreograph movements, harmonize, dance, etc. as long as they abide by the Rules specified at the bottom of this document. Contestants should not just sit and sing.

Contestants will need to finish their duets by 10PM EST on Friday, December 11. The links to the videos will need to be submitted to the captains.

The live show will be at 2PM EST on Saturday, December 12.

Voting Process [NEW]

After all the duets have been showcased, contestants will vote for a duet pair other than themselves who they believe deserve to win Dare to Duet. All votes are confidential. The duet pair with the most votes wins Dare to Duet.

If you wish to be considered for the show

Your submission will place you into a pool of candidates that the captains can potentially choose from. Most likely the captains will have already decided on their teams. However in the case they have open spots, they are able to access this pool for any candidates they can reach out to on their own accord. Any reports of harassment towards a captain regarding the selection process may result in disqualification from future Dare to Duet events.

Rules and Terms

  • No bullying or harassment
  • No spamming in chat
  • No racist, sexist, or homophobic comments
  • No use of social media to sway the vote in any way. This includes but is not limited to the use of Twitch, Discord, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to promote the Strawpoll vote which should only be posted by the moderators in the chat.
  • No personal streaming from any of the captains and participants
  • The video and audio for performances must be recorded in one single combined take. Video must be captured from a single camera source that must be visible at all times throughout the duet. Prerecorded video or audio is not permitted. Live filters are still permitted.
  • This competition is not sponsored by or associated with Twitch.
  • Breaking any of these rules will result in disqualification.
  • These rules are subject to change.
  • By participating in the show, you agree for us to reserve the right to use your performances for promotional purposes.

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