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Saturday June 4th 2022, 2 PM EDT



Checking In

  • Tourney will notify everyone to ready up in the #chat reaction to check in. channel. Confirm your participation by clicking the ✅ reaction to check in.
  • Check in will close a few minutes before the tournament begins.
  • Players who do not ready up will have their place in the tournament forfeited and the next available player who checked in will take their spot in the tournament.

About Winstreak Weekly

Winstreak Weekly is a TFT tournament hosted by Felicity live on

Each event players will battle it out in matches to a final where they have the chance to win prizes and be declared this week’s winner.

Tournament Details

  • You will need to be logged in to the NA League of Legends server before the tournament begins
  • The lobbies and the list of players will be posted to the Discord in each respective lobby text channel. There will be one player in each lobby that the bot will identify as the leader who will be responsible for inviting the other players into the game. You can use your lobby’s chat channel to coordinate invites and sharing summoner names. If you have any difficulties in creating the lobby and sending player invites, please notify the mods in your Discord lobby text channel and an alternative arrangement will be made.
  • If the designated lobby host fails to send out any invites or notify that they are unable to do so within 5 minutes, they will be disqualified and the next person on the waitlist who has checked in will take their spot. The second player listed for the lobby will become the new designated lobby host.
  • Players will have 5 minutes to join the lobby. If a player fails to join their respective in-game lobby in time, they will be disqualified and the next available player who checked in will take their spot in the tournament.
  • Once everyone is ready, let the games begin!
  • Scores will be recorded by each player in their Discord lobby text channel. Please click the reaction that corresponds to the place you finished within the game. We recommend winners take a screenshot of the score screen (this can be done on a PC by pressing Alt+PrintScreen on a keyboard) and pasting or attaching to Discord as verification.
  • High score(s) will move on to the final round. There may be multiple winners from each game depending on the number of participants in the tournament.
  • One of the eight games from the first round in addition to the finals will be selected to be featured and cast on the stream. The lobby will feature 7 players with Felicity observing play. Keep in mind that the observer will not have any units on their board. This may affect your strategy during tournament play (for example, losing streak econ in the beginning of the game).


  • Registration will occur in Discord. Please mention the @Mods in the #new-joins channel to receive a role.
  • In the #winstreak-weekly-info channel, click the ️➡️ reaction to register for the event. You will receive a discord DM from Tourney confirming your registration.

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